Buck's Goofy Goggles!

Everyone's Favorite Novelty Glasses!

Still hilarious after fifty years!

As seen on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

As seen on Gadzooks! (Norway's #1 comedy program)

As seen on Yo! MTV Raps

Novelty Glasses, Basic | $10.99

Our original giant glasses. Nothing cracks people up like the classic!

Novelty Glasses, Professional | $15.99

This sophisticated version will fool even the most discerning!

Novelty Glasses, Upscale | $17.99

Wear with your Jordache Jeans and really turn some heads!

Novelty Glasses, Bejeweled | $20.00

For more formal pranking occassions.

Novelty Glasses, Diamond Encrusted | $20,000.00

For the ultimate in luxury prank glasses.

Buck's Wacky 'Stache | $8.99

Pair with any of Buck's Goofy Goggles for a real laugh riot!

Our world-famous Bucks Goofy Goggles novelty glasses were first created by Buck Walters of Buck Walters Enterprises in 1973 and, since then, they have become a beloved gag gift throughout the world. Buck Walters was also the creator of the Original Fly in Ice Cube prank, the World's Most Real Fake Vomit, and was a renowned history buff and American muscle car collector. He was also a huge fan of codes, puzzles, and riddles. He created the Upside-Down House in Question Mark, Ohio, where he spent his latter years. His last will and testament, which was written in beaufort cipher, went missing before his death.

Sadly, Buck passed away on December 18, 2022 after what onlookers described as a fit of laughter while working on a new prank, the Disappearing Box.